Hertha Maria Richardt Úlfarsdóttir is the lady behind the moniker "The Witch and the Sun."

Before coming to Valkyrie Tattoo Studio I completed studies in Fine Art, Creative Writing and Gender Studies. A few years ago I fell in love with the handpoked method, in particular because I feel it goes hand in hand with my style of drawing. Handpoked tattoos have the advantage of generally hurting less, healing faster and often better than machine-made tattoos since it is less trauma to the skin. It might also take a little longer.


The styles I love exploring the most are those connected to the realm of nature, witchcraft, the eclectic, mythic and touching upon modern, everyday magic and fairy tales. I am a firm believer of tattoos being a journey and a reclamation of the self.


In my spare time I create art, write short stories and articles, binge on sci-fi and tend to my spice garden at home.