Since I can remember I have always loved to draw. So it came that in 2017, I've completed an apprenticeship as a tattoo artist in a renowned tattoo studio in Berlin. As a thoroughbred nerd it did not take long  for me to open my own tattoo studio called Geeks.Ink where I've loved to tattoo all kind of nerdy tattoos till I moved to Iceland in 2019. Anime, videogame or film characters are welcome! I love to create an unique design together with my customer. I enjoy to do colorful tattoos as well as black and grey. In the past view years I did all kind of characters Ghibli, Nintendo, Tim Burton, Disney, Zelda Pokemon, horror stuff.... Well what should I say I never get bored of that kind of stuff but I am always open for something new. Flowers, Animals, Humans or skulls with a realistic touch? YES! You are welcome!

Everyday is a new challenge for me, I've promised myself to be the best artist that I can be!